Partnership Documents

Joint Work Programme to strengthen information services on Invasive Alien Species as a contribution towards Aichi Biodiversity Target 9  This was presented to CBD SBSTTA 15 as document UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/15/INF/14.  It presents the plans for a Joint Work Programme to strengthen information services on IAS developed by an Expert Meeting in Copenhagen in 2011.  This Joint Work Programme was later developed into the GIASIPartnership Operational Plan (see below).

Report of the Organizational Workshop for the Global Invasive Species Information Partnership, held in London 9-10 July 2012

The Memorandum of Cooperation between each member of the GIASIPartnership and the Secretariat of the CBD.  Signatories are listed on the GIASIPartners page.

GIASIPartnership Operational Plan  The Operational Plan was developed at a Workshop in London in 2012.  It describes the mission, values and plans for the first phase of the Partnership, lasting until 2020. It has been published as an information document for COP11, UNEP/CBD/COP/11/INF/34

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