EPPO Reporting Service is a monthly information report on events of phytosanitary concern. It focuses on new geographical records, new host plants, new pests (including invasive alien plants), pests to be added to the EPPO Alert List, detection and identification methods etc.
UK bans sale of five invasive non-native aquatic plants.  The UK Government have banned the sale of water fern, parrot's feather, floating pennywort, water primrose and Australian swamp stonecrop from April 2014.  A report is available here.
IPPC Online Comment System.  Member input is crucial in international organizations because, without it, nations may not be able to implement. The Secretariat of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has established the world’s most open, transparent and inclusive international standard setting process but, as a consequence, it is a complex process which often requires huge resources and coordination. In order to facilitate this process, the Secretariat has developed the Online Comment System (OCS) to allow the IPPC’s members to provide this important input, specifically for providing comments on draft standards. To see more see the website here.
BiodivERsA has recently published a call for proposals on Invasive Species and Biological Invasions in several European countries. Overseas territories are explicitly included, but the only Caribbean-relevant participating country listed is France.  The date for mandatory pre-registration is now passed, but further information can be found here.
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