Best practice and case studies

Currently this page has little content.  It will include links to examples of Best Practice in IAS management and related issues, and Case Studies.  Registered users are encouraged to contribute both. 

In addition to the site given below, case studies can be found in a number of sites referred to in the Gateway.  For example, GISP documents include case studies on Salvinia and Mimosa, and there are several other examples.

Database of Island Invasive Species Eradications (DIISE)  Covers all recorded invasive vertebrate eradications on islands and an important tool to improve the quality of eradications. 

Rüdiger Wittenberg and Matthew J.W. Cock (Eds.), 2001, INVASIVE ALIEN SPECIES: A Toolkit of Best Prevention and Management Practices.  The main focus of this toolkit is to assist those involved in environment and biodiversity conservation and management. It is not aimed directly at the public, policy makers, quarantine services etc., but should provide insights for these groups. in addition to conservation managers. Nevertheless, the contents are likely to provide useful information to a wider group of users.

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