Data from GBIF network

This checklist is composed of all scientific names listed in the GISD checklist, that are found in the GBIF Taxonomic Backbone (nub). This checklist contains 82% of names in the GISD. Scientific names with a rank above species or sub-species were excluded. 41% are accepted names, and 59% are synonyms. Compared to the GISD, which categorized their names as being 23% accepted, and 77% synonyms. Vernacular names records were collected from the GBIF Checklist Bank for each scientific name. The GBIF Checklist Bank taxonomically indexes all registered checklist datasets in the GBIF network, and provides evidence of a species according to different checklists. Distribution records were collected from the GBIF occurrence index. The GBIF occurrence index contains more than half a billion records, harvested from more than 13,000 datasets published by almost 700 organizations worldwide. Each distribution record in this dataset points to the GBIF occurrence search page, filtered by species and by country.

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