A proposed grass invasion database

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:S. Atkinson, Brown C.
Editor:P. Pysek, Pergl J.
Book Title:Biological Invasions: Towards a Synthesis, Proceedings
Series Title:Neobiota
ISBN Number:1619-0033*****************

Invasive plants are a serious problem worldwide. Plant invasions cause damage to agricultural and natural ecosystems, and contribute to loss of biological diversity. They are difficult to predict, prevent, and control. Many of the species of plants in the Poaceae family that have been introduced into areas outside of their native ranges have become invasive. We propose to develop a research-oriented database of grasses that will contain information about traits of invasive and non-invasive species of grass, and about their interactions with biotic and abiotic features of their native and introduced ranges. This database will help research scientists investigate fundamental questions about invasion, and will function as a source of information for land managers and others who work to prevent and control invasions. We will begin by developing a prototype database with information about species in the genus Bromus. This database can then be revised and expanded to include more genera in the Poaceae family.

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