Many terms are used in IAS publications, but often are not defined.  Definitions can be found in several glossaries that deal with the terminology.  It may be helpful to check a term on more than one glossary in case there are differing definitions, and because not all glossaries list all terms. 

The GIASIPartnership will be developing a standardised vocabulary to support its further activities. 

Web-based glossaries

CABI’s Invasive Species Compendium An extensive list of terms.

CBD Glossary of terms for Invasive Alien Species. This webpage provides definitions for terms related to the issue of invasive alien species under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).  Its focus is mainly on definitions that have been agreed at the international level, and particularly in relation to the CBD, and the list does not include definitions that have been developed and agreed to only by authors of particular reports or academic articles.

International Plant Protection Convention Glossary of Phytosanitary terms  This reference standard presents a list of terms and definitions with specific meaning to plant quarantine personnel worldwide. It has been developed to provide an internationally recognized vocabulary for construction and implementation of phytosanitary measures so as to facilitate communication between trading parties.

Wikibooks.  A Glossary of Terms Related to Invasive Species Ecology A limited list, with citations for each term.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Invasive Species Glossary  A limited list. 

Victoria Resources Online [Australia]  Invasive Plants Glossary  Focus on weeds of different types, related to legislation in Victoria.

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