Expert Registers

Several sites include lists of experts in one or more aspects of Invasive Species management or identification.  The sites may provide a means of locating an expert with skills that fit your particular need or interest.

ANS Task Force Experts Directory.  Designed particularly for USA, allowing users to search for experts by US State. 

Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe  (DAISIE)  Particularly European (but with some global coverage), the search system allowing searches on a variety of aspects of IAS (Conservation/restoration, Ecology / biology, Economy / impact, genetics, legislation / administration, management, pathways, physiology, risk assessment, taxonomy) and restriction to country, taxon or aquatic or terrestrial area.   

Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)  The ISSG promotes and facilitates the exchange of invasive species information and knowledge across the globe and ensures the linkage between knowledge, practice and policy so that decision making is informed.  The two core activity areas of the ISSG are policy and technical advice, and, information exchange through our online resources and tools and through networking. The ISSG manages Aliens-L, a list server dedicated to invasive species that threaten biodiversity. It allows users to freely seek and share information on invasive species and related issues.  it also maintains a Facebook Page.

USDA National Invasive Species Information Centre (NISIC) Gateway Expertise databases   this database provides a list of resources that contain contact information for experts in various disciplines related to invasive species, organized by type of organization.  Particularly related to USA. 

BioNET-INTERNATIONAL, the Global Network for taxonomy.  Regional contacts are listed here. These individuals may be able to put you in contact with specialists (particularly taxonomists) in the geographical area in which you are interested.


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All  I3N Databases contain a Contacts database of the people who have contributed data; there is a search engine by Name or by Species.

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