TitlePerladangan di Petapahan (419).JPG
Original URLhttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1d/Perladangan_di_Petapahan_(419).JPG
Summary[edit] DescriptionAPI English: The area of cultivation in the Kampar regency, Riau. Date 18 October 2009, 10:19:18 Source Own work Author Wagino 20100516 Permission
(Reusing this file) This file was made by Wagino 20100516 about Fields in Indonesia in October 2009 Please credit this: Photograph taken by Wagino 20100516 Camera Details:
Camera: SONY DSC-W110 Do you want a picture with higher resolution and better image quality? If it is true please feel free to contact me here
creatorWagino 20100516
providerWikimedia Commons
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