TitleMurdannia striatipetala Faden
Original URLhttps://farm6.staticflickr.com/5130/5303672720_92673ece93_o.jpg
Family: CommelinaceaeDistribution: Found in moist sandy localities along the coast of Sri Lanka.Now it is also found in Tamilnadu and South coastal A.P10-15cm tall ,slender branching herb, rooting at nodes. Leaves linear lanceolate, 2-3x0.5cm, leaf sheath margin ciliate, flowers 0.6-1cm across, bluish in scorpioid cymes from upper leaf axils.Perianth lobes 3, with beautiful vertical lines, imbricate, ovate, stamens 3,anther lobes in blue color, fertile staminal filaments barbed at the base, staminodes 3 shorter, ovary tricarpellary, hypogynous, glabrous, capsule globose, 3 celled, 2 seeds in each cell,.Photographed at a coastal village near Krishnapatnam port.(near Bay of Bengal)
photographer<a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/45835639@N04'>Lalithamba</a>
providerFlickr Group
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